About Us

Too many people are recruited into jobs they don’t want to do, and lifestyles they do not enjoy, without ever knowing what they could have been. The 7 Dimensions is a virtual network of selected individuals across different industries and countries who are passionate about helping young adults find their inner potential. Through exploring 7 key features in the mind of a High Value Person, We are dedicated to helping young people between the ages of 18 to 30 realize what is it they could be. We provide a personal one to one consulting service at an affordable price for our members by our network of coaches currently working within different industries: from medicine, engineering, law, science and sports. Our coaches provide clients with invaluable within industry expertise and know-how, using the 7 Dimensions Methodology.

What is a high value person?

All of us have gone through differing circumstances in life. But without focus and discipline, our perception of our own self-value and worth can fluctuate greatly with our external circumstances. When we are achieving well, we can feel great about ourselves, and our perception of self value goes up. But, we are tested when things don’t go the right way. The high value person is someone who understands that their self-worth is independent to the tides of life, and in fact, they love challenges, because they see them as a chance to show their inner worth. Through exploring the 7 Dimensions, you will learn key skills to be able to cope with difficulties knowing that the purpose of tough times is to make you even stronger.

Why become a high value person?

In a time obsessed with instant gratification, seeking acceptance through the cyber world, and little patience to explore important features in ourselves and others, what has become of the development of character and investing in our personal value? In 2016, with the overwhelming presence of social media, how do we respond to constantly being exposed, perceived and compared? Can we use this technology to embrace honesty and clarity instead? And finally, how can we foster our personal value comfortably with who we truly are and achieve what we want to achieve?

Through exploring your 7 Dimensions you will learn key skills to be able to better manage your life with all its difficult situations, and maintain deep relationships with others. You will have a strong sense of your goals, and equally respect others and their goals. By being a high value person you will instincitvely attract more people around you who are ‘value-appreciators’, they are positive, confident and respect others based on their personal merit because they understand how such value is worth much more than a shallow values.

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